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The Pig



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The Pig


Iran 2018 15+ 108min.
  • 01-24-2019
  • Comedy
  • Crimi
  • Drama

Iranian film directors are being brutally slaughtered, one after another, by an unknown serial killer. Yet Hasan Kasmai, who, like Jafar Panahi and others, is on a blacklist of the Islamist government, remains unscathed. Why is he, one of the country’s finest film-makers, being ignored by the mysterious assassin? The ambitious, slightly hysterical, frustrated and failing Hasan decides to follow the bloody trail. His life turns into a delirious trip, replete with nonsense, hilarious jinks and errors. Mani Haghighi’s Pig is haywire, autobiographical account of a society living in constant fear, presented with a cynical grin. His feature is a brassy political allegory, a boorish zany comedy, and a crooked guitar solo in the dungeon of an authoritarian regime. 

Mani Haghighi Hasan Majuni, Leila Hatami, Leili Rashidi, Parinaz Izadyar
Mani Haghighi
Mahmoud Kalari
Peyman Yazdanian
Meysam Molaei