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Audio-vizuálny fond Pravda


Slovensko, Česko 2017 All audiences 82min.
  • 09-21-2017
  • Drama

"About mom and dad and me"

Nina is 12. Her parents are getting a divorce and her world is falling apart before her eyes. Her mom and dad say they are only doing what is best for her, but in fact, they act as though they only cared for themselves. Nina doesn't understand them. She feels abandoned and deceived – it's like there is nothing left in the world that she could believe in. Her only security in life is competitive swimming. At the pool she finds calm and support and everything she lacks at home. When it looks like she won't be able to attend a swimming competition, she makes a radical move. 

Juraj Lehotský Bibiana Nováková, Robert Roth, Petra Fornayová, Josef Kleindienst, Miroslav Pollak, Simona Kuchynková
Marek Leščák,
Juraj Lehotský
Norbert Hudec
Aleš Březina
Radoslav Dubravský