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The Distinguished Citizen



Art Film Fest

The Distinguished Citizen

(El ciudadano ilustre)

Argentina, Spain 2016 15+ 118min.
  • 12-07-2017
  • Comedy
  • Drama

Writer Daniel Mantovani has the world at his feet. He’s just won the Nobel Prize for Literature, but instead of satisfaction, he’s got a bad case of the blues. The revered author’s days as a provocateur are long gone, replaced by a neat and tidy nook in the literary canon. He withdraws from society, stops writing and stubbornly refuses invitations to prestigious events and interviews. But something in him snaps when, among the usual heap of letters, he finds an unassuming missive from his hometown, the Argentinean backwater he once fled, inviting him to accept the honorary title of Distinguished Citizen. Daniel resolves to return – to memories, bygone romances, old friendships. He revisits his familiar streets as a star, but his visit quickly turns into a comedy that later develops a bitter tinge. It turns out success isn’t the only thing that’s hard to forgive. Daniel comes to realize that no one can love him – or hate him – like those who've known him since childhood. Will his hometown revive his will to write, or will it only make him more reclusive than ever?

Gastón Duprat,
Mariano Cohn
Oscar Martínez, Dady Brieva, Andrea Frigerio, Nora Navas
Andrés Duprat
Mariano Cohn,
Gastón Duprat
Toni M. Mir