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Voyage of Time: Life Journey



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Voyage of Time: Life Journey

Francúzsko, Nemecko, USA 2016 12+ 90min.
  • 09-14-2017
  • 06-01-2018
  • Documentary

After nearly 40 years of gestation in the visionary mind of Terrence Malick, the eminent US director’s most ambitious brainchild to date has finally assumed cinematic form as Voyage of Time: Life’s Journey. The film is concerned with nothing less than the origin, development and extinction of the known universe, the life cycle of the solar system. Naturally, Malick focuses on the evolution of life, the various forms it takes, its metamorphosis from protozoa to the rise of human civilization. This singular documentary features contributions from a whole range of distinguished scientists – palaeontologists, biologists and astrophysicists from prestigious institutions around the world. The expanded feature-length version, created in conjunction with the shorter IMAX version, is poetically narrated by famous actress Cate Blanchett. Her mesmerizing voice poses questions that have haunted humanity since the dawn of time. The film is thus a continuation of Malick’s efforts, so clearly evident in his award-winning film The Tree of Life, to unearth the root of human existence.

Terrence Malick Cate Blanchett (hlas)
Terrence Malick
Paul Atkins
Hanan Townshend,
Simon Franglen
Rehman Nizar Ali,
Keith Fraase