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Magyar Filmszemle - Foreign Press Award, Best film debut
IFF Berlin 2003 - Wolfgang Staudte Award
Hungary 2003 15+ 90min.
  • Drama

Every day life for young men and women in Budapest is on display. All "teenage savages" at the time when communism disappeared in Eastern Europe, they now view the world in a sinister way. Examples: A woman becomes irritated with a man who has left his dog. A father has an argument with his wife about an alarming (to the parents) arousal of sexuality in their 10 y.o. daughter. A young girl is distressed by her growing realization that she is more and more like her sadistic grandmother. A conversation between two guys, apparently about an old car, takes an unexpected turn.

Bence Fliegauf Rita Braun, Barbara Csonka, Lászlo Cziffer, Gábor Dióssy, Bálint Kenyeres, Edit Lipcsei
Bence Fliegauf
Zoltán Lovasi
Lili Fodor