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It Rains on Our Love

It Rains on Our Love

(Det regnar på vår kärlek)

Sweden 1946 15+ 95min.
  • Drama
  • Romantic

Maggi is trying to run away from poverty, the hardness of big city life and her unwanted pregnancy. She yearns for a quite life in the country, a life without the pressure and viciousness that constantly keeps her down. David is an ex convict who wants what he has always been denied - a job and a family. Maggi and David falls in love and tries to make themselves a future in a remote cabin, but no one is who they seem to be in this story told by a mysterious man with an umbrella. “It Rains on Our Love” is a stinging critique of the contemporary culture that forces people to turn to crime and a life outside the society, a story about the hardships one must endure to stay earnest and fair in a world filled to the brim with corruption and egoism. Here greed is a disease that is killing goodness, an infection that spreads darkness into the soul of humanity and is holding brotherly love at gunpoint.

Ingmar Bergman Barbro Kolberg, Birger Malmsten, Gösta Cederlund
Ingmar Bergman,
Herbert Grevenius
Hilding Bladh,
Göran Strindberg
Erland von Koch
Tage Holmberg