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Sawdust & Tinsel

Sawdust & Tinsel

(Gycklarnas afton)

Sweden 1953 15+ 92min.
  • 07-19-2018
  • Drama

A lacerated and mentally gutted circus company travels around the country in an attempt to maintain the customs that once held the society together. The splendor they used to shine up the most remotely situated bourg with has since long withered and their finances were wind-swept away after the props burnt down in a hellish fire. The corpulent Albert Johansson is the one that owns and runs Cirkus Alberti, but his disillusioned sense has opened his eyes to what has begrimed the world. He no longer sees the traveling as something beautiful and free, the brotherhood and his fair maiden have become chains that prevent him from finding happiness. There are deep voids between us humans that never let us be anything but alone. Albert says, “I feel sorry for the human beings that has to live on this earth”. He hates no one, to hate you have to love, and love has forever been excluded from his life.

Ingmar Bergman Åke Grönberg, Harriet Andersson, Hasse Ekman
Ingmar Bergman
Hilding Bladh,
Sven Nykvist
Karl-Birger Blomdahl
Carl-Olov Skeppstedt