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Beyond the Borders

Beyond the Borders


Sweden 2011 15+ 120min.
  • Drama
  • War

December 1942, Sweden is on the verge of being invaded. Two young soldiers leave their roadblock post to get to the Norwegian border to catch a glimpse of the occupying Nazis. Their adventure ends in a disaster, and the day after, Lieutenant Stenström finds out that one of the missing soldiers is his brother. Now he has to lead a rescue team behind enemy lines in a secret mission to retrieve his brother. Deep in the dark Norwegian woods Stenström realizes that completely other borders needs to be crossed if they are to get out of there alive...

Richard Holm André Sjöberg, Marie Robertson, Björn Sundquist, Martin Wallström, Johan Hedenberg, Antti Reini, Henrik Norlen
André Sjoberg
Andreas Wessberg
Henrik Lindström,
Anton Steen
Tomas Lundmark