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IFF Black Nights Tallin 2007 - Grand Prize (nomination)
Ukrajina 2007 15+ 84min.
  • 10-04-2013
  • Drama
  • Romantic

Trying to escape from a downpour, two people jump onto an old trolley car. He – a young man, out of breath, in a rumple, bloody jacket, barefoot. She – a willowy red-haired girl with a huge cello case on the shoulder, and also barefoot. He is a popular photographer and a tireless traveler – She is a dreamy cello student at the Conservatory. These 2 people fall in love… what’s so special about this ? The unusual thing is that this couple decides to save their love, and to this they decide to remove themselves from the outside world and create their own world of Love… They enter a spacious empty apartment. They cut the phone line, remove the doorbell. They get rid of everything that could connect them to the outside world. From now on, every day should belong solely to their passion… Suddenly, with a knock on the door, the outside world reminds them of its existence… Will their love be strong enough to survive..?

Alan Badoyev Olga Makejeva, Alexej Čadov
Alan Badoyev,
Olga Krzhichevskaya
Yaroslav Pilunsky
Zeljko Marasovich
Alan Badoyev